21 July 2017
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A Review of WhiteWash Labs’ Whitening Strips

A Review of WhiteWash Labs’ Whitening Strips


Teeth whitening is becoming more and more popular. There are many products available on the market with different methods of whitening. This article will review whitening strips by WhiteWash Laboratories.

WhiteWash Labs’ Whitening Strips come as 14 pairs of strips – each packet comes with an upper strip and a lower strip with a thin, adhesive layer of whitening gel that sticks to your teeth.

WhiteWash Laboratories’ products have been developed and formulated by UK dentists. One of their popular products is their whitening strips.

Whitening strips have been very popular in the Unites States and are increasingly being used as a method of whitening in the UK. They are proving to be an effective whitening solution and a viable substitute to conventional tray based systems.

The whitening strips used for this review were 4% Hydrogen Peroxide which is the active chemical that cleaves pigments of extrinsic staining. Since this review, WhiteWash Laboratories have actually changed their formula and are now producing whitening strips with 6% hydrogen peroxide for a more potent whitening effect.

Before and After shots

Below are before (above) and after (below) pictures of my peers that tested WhiteWash Laboratory’s whitening strips, with any comments they had below:


















































Did it work?

The above pictures show a modest whitening effect without going over the top. The last image shows a huge effect, but the lighting is clearly better for the ‘After’ picture which is evident from the lighter colour of the gums. There has been a whitening effect, but not to the scale which is demonstrated from the last pair of pictures.

What did they think of the strips?

Comments about their experience of using WhiteWash strips:

‘The strips were good and I could see a difference but they did fall off sometimes while wearing them. It was good that they gave an option of wearing the strips for 1 hour or 2 but it didn’t mention in the instructions whether you could drink while wearing them.’

‘Overall they were happy with them with no negative side effects like sensitivity but didn’t make a big enough difference as I would have liked.’

‘I used 6 strips out of the 14 and was satisfied with how white my teeth were – I did not want it to look OTT or fake. The good thing is I can whiten them again in 6 months with the remaining 8 pairs of strips I have.’

‘Good for coffee stains…but there was residual composite from when my braces were bonded which obviously did not whiten, but nor would any teeth whitening solve that. Overall happy!’

I can confirm that drinking is not recommended when wearing the strips, but if needed should be done through a straw. The lower strip is less retentive that the upper strip because there is more saliva pooling by the tongue which weakens the bond of the strip, but at the same time the saliva is what causes the release of the hydrogen peroxide from the gel. Therefore, there is no need to dry the teeth in order for the strips to stick better, as it would just take longer for the saliva to react with the gel and release the active whitening formula.

Advantages of Strips over trays:

1. Strips are less bulky than trays and arguably more comfortable.

2. Reduced sensitivity. Although there is no evidence from randomised controlled trials for this, the claim does make sense. With whitening trays, the whitening gel/solution can easily overflow on to the gums. Similarly, there is a much higher incidence of putting too much solution in the tray which can lead to sensitive teeth.

3. Shorter application times required, as some tray based systems require you to wear them overnight.

4. Easier for topping up your whitening, and more social (you can whiten on the go).


Always make sure you have a full dental exam before starting whitening. It is for this reason that you can only purchase these whitening strips from a dental practice following a check-up from a dentist.

Although the pictures were not of great quality, the whitening effect and the changes in shade are evident. The ease of use reported from the strips and the concept is fantastic.

Obviously, you cannot have too high expectations from whitening strips, or indeed from any whitening technique as the final result is also influenced by the natural limiting whiteness of your teeth. As we age, more dentine is laid down which gives teeth a darker appearance. Also, tooth wear due to tooth brushing and acid erosion reduces the thickness of enamel, which means the yellow dentine shows through more.

Like most whitening products using Hydrogen Peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide as their key ingredient, they DO work. They work best against extrinsic stains such as those from coffee, tea, wine and smoking.

On the whole, we were very impressed with WhiteWash Laboratories’ whitening strips and would recommend them to everyone - especially those who are tired of using ill-fitting trays and hate whitening gel ending up on their lips and other soft tissues. The whitening strips are also discreet so you can whiten during the day instead of having to hide from the world such as when you have trays in your mouth.

Want to find out more? Click here to visit their website.

And finally, thank you for those that gave these strips a go! We’re glad you found them to be effective.