21 July 2017
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Say NO to DFT cuts!

Say NO to DFT cuts!


As many of you already know, there is a proposal to cut the salary of DF1 Trainees by more than £2,000.

We urge you to sign the petition against DF1 salary cuts - which has already gained more than 5,000 e-signatures.

We believe that healthcare should be valued, and so should the hard work of young dentists.

Below is a message from Michael Ventre, the BDSA Communications Officer, with more details about these ill-conceived proposals and how to get our voices heard.

Dear all,

Some of you may have noticed on Facebook last night that an e-petition has been set up to campaign against the drop in salary for the DF1 year.

There is a proposal to reduce dental foundation trainee salary by more than £2,000, to take effect as of 1st September 2014. This would affect those in final year, who already have their places starting in September. It also seems unfair that those who started as there was an increase in tuition fees to have their wages reduced upon graduation.

The proposal initially claimed to create more DF1 jobs with the money saved. This has proven not to be the case and there is no guarantee that this £2,000 would be redistributed to create more jobs, it may be a red herring to try to win us round.

The value of £28,076 was given as this is the salary of an FY2 doctor. However what is not taken into account is the extra hours and on-call time that doctors use to supplement their income to an average of £40,000. The DF1 program does not allow any other income to be made during your year and so as dental graduates we would not be able to supplement our income, similar to doctors.

It seems unfair that they are targeting the youngest and most vulnerable group of dentists, but we have a voice. Please would you consider signing a petition created by the BDA to oppose the 8% cut?


Please ensure that you reply to the email that is sent to you following inputting your details. It is only after you have confirmed your email address, that your name is added to the petition.

The more signatories we can get quickly the better, to get this issue raised in Parliament we need a minimum of 10,000 signatures. Ask anyone you know to sign, all dental students you know throughout the UK (not just England), anyone who has supported you through dental school, your friends and family, any dentists you know, others who might be the next profession at risk from cuts to the lowest paid…. absolutely anyone can sign! Promote it in any way that you can.

This is only the start. Should the proposal go through, plans have been made to for students to contact their local MP’s and the Chief Dental Officer. This could be the opening of the flood gates and wages could drop further if we simply lie down and accept it!

More information about the whole campaign is available on the BDA website www.bda.org/DFTpay

Thank you for reading

Kind regards

Michael Ventre
BDSA Communications Officer