23 July 2017
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Manchester BDSA Sports Day 2012

Manchester BDSA Sports Day 2012


The BDSA Sports Day is THE event of the social year for any self respecting dental student. When else will you get the opportunity to spend a Friday night in Manchester, enjoying the company of 1,000 other dental students, whilst “responsibly” enjoying the irresponsibly priced drinks on offer at TigerTiger?

And how many Sporting events on a Saturday morning involve a tournament including Rugby, Football, Netball, and Hockey running alongside a tournament of Sac Races, Egg and Spoon Races, and 3-Legged-Races? It’s kind of like London 2012 meets Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling.

To be honest the sports are BORING in comparison to the Climbing Wall, Bungee Runs, and Gladiator Duels that have been arranged for you and are free to use!

Don’t worry if your fitness isn’t up to dealing with this much fun though. This year you can chill out at the Trade Fair which has over 10 companies confirmed already, or take a breather over the free lunch provided.
If that wasn’t enough fun for one weekend there is also a Fancy dress themed event that is sure to raise eyebrows. With Goths, Ballet Dancers, Hippies, and many more musically inspired stereotypes all battling it out at the Dental Olympics, the nightclub won’t know what hit it!!
Manchester October 12th -14th, join the event on Facebook or check out the website and hassle your reps for tickets and details, just make sure you get there.

We would hate for you to miss it,

BDSA Sports Day Committee  2012