21 July 2017
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FinalBDS London revision weekend: a review.

FinalBDS London revision weekend: a review.


On 16th and 17th February 2013, the TeethGeek team were at the FinalBDS weekend revision course at the London School of Pharmacy run by The MDU / DDU. Here is what we thought:


The FinalBDS course was run in the UCL London School of Pharmacy in the heart of London. Easy enough to get to with Russell Square tube station nearby and no congestion charge on a weekend! The lecture theatre used was ideal for the estimated 150 in attendance, speakers could be heard clearly throughout with or without the microphone system. The chairs were nice and comfortable too, very important when you’re sat in there trying to concentrate for 8 hours in one day!


The FinalBDS revision booklet – with handouts and lecture slides from the weekend.

Here’s the main thing to take from this article. The FinalBDS course is intense. As we said before, there are 2 days with 4×2 hour lectures per day. Us at the TeethGeek team are used to this style of teaching, and from fellow students that said they rarely get lectured in this way said it was a refreshing way to learn and to consolidate.

Core topics covered were: Oral Medicine, Paediatrics, Periodontology, Orthodontics, Prosthodontics, Radiology, Oral Surgery and tips on Exam Preparation. The lecturers try their best to whizz through all the main points in their subject, culminating in a very content heavy weekend with plenty to soak in.

One thing we really enjoyed and thought was a brilliant touch from MDU was the FinalBDS course booklet. This is all the slides from the lectures bound into one thick revision bible.


MDU seemed to have brought together all the consultants into one place. All of whom understood the level of understanding required and expected of a final BDS/BChD student. They also knew that we were there to absorb as much information in the shortest amount of time possible and would power through their slides within the 2 hour limit. Each one very willing to answer questions during and after their lectures.

Even though they were rushing through their slides, they kept the atmosphere informal that allowed for a relatively relaxed learning environment. Don’t take this the wrong way though, the course is still intense!

There was a lower proportion of Barts and GKT students in attendance, possibly due to there being quite a strong representation of these schools in the lecturers present. This may have deterred some students paying to attend lectures they have already received from their respective courses.

Many of the lecturers are finals examiners or external examiners themselves and imparted very sound advice on exam technique. A lecture from the chairman of the Final BDS board at King’s was particularly useful in this respect.


The FinalBDS course was very well structured, with a clear timetable. Any discrepancies were communicated to us in good time.

We were supplied with coffee and pastries between lectures, and a lunch to keep blood sugar up throughout the day!


It’s still early to tell whether this was ideally positioned in the calendar, we haven’t sat our exams yet!

Theoretically, however, it seems to be placed quite comfortably before finals, giving enough time to have revised (or have a general idea) of the material before you go, and enough time afterwards to re-learn anything that blew over your head.


The cost of the FinalBDS course was £147. You get a £25 discount if you sign up for DDU graduate membership (which is £10 for the year).

To us, this seemed extremely reasonable, if not a bargain. The comprehensive handouts contribute greatly to this feeling cheaper than it is, in addition to the time you get to spend with people at the top of their fields.


TeethGeek thoroughly enjoyed the revision weekend at the FinalBDS course. Everything ran well, we got plenty of content and material for the price we paid.

If you can find a way to London for a weekend, and absorbing through lectures is your learning style, then TeethGeek highly recommends this revision course.