21 July 2017
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Dental Elective: Bridge2Aid

Dental Elective: Bridge2Aid

Bridge2Aid Dental Elective Programme

Almost three quarters of the world’s population have no access to the most simple dental pain relief,
leaving billions to face a daily battle with pain in the toughest of life circumstances. Bridge2Aid is
working tirelessly to address this terrifying problem, by providing access to dental pain relief for
the millions of people suffering in the developing world. Bridge2Aid Focusses on sustainability, and
empowering local people to improve their own lives over the long term.

Since 2004, Bridge2Aid have hosted more than 430 volunteers on the Dental Volunteer Programmes
in East Africa. These volunteer dentists and nurses train local Tanzanian Clinical Officers in basic
extraction techniques. They then return to their communities of around 10,000 people and are able
to offer these people a way out of pain. So far we have given access to pain relief to around 1.8
million people.

We are now in the position to offer students a chance to get involved in this valuable work, by
joining our elective programme. The next programme will run in July 2013, and students will get a
chance to assist with the clinical officer training, will gain a unique knowledge and experience of
the planning and provision of oral care in a developing country, as well as developing character and
leadership skills.

Click here for more information and the application pack. Alternatively, visit their website www.bridge2aid.org or contact Shaenna on 07733 102087 or at shaenna@bridge2aid.org.

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