Leeds Dental Institute (Undergraduate)

Key Information and Stats

Degree: Intercalated Masters Degree of Dental Surgery (MChD)
Type: Undergraduate (5 years)
UCAS Codes: Course: A200
University: L23
Applicants in 2011: 1400
Interviews: 300
Offers: 120
Annual Intake: 80
Contact Information: Learning & Teaching Office
Leeds Dental Institute
Clarendon Way
Tel: +44 (0)113 343 6199
E-mail: dentistry@leeds.ac.uk
Website: http://www.leeds.ac.uk/dental/newldi/index.php
Figures are based on University provided averages.

Why Apply to Leeds?

    The Leeds Dental Institute is unique in being the only Dental School on mainland Britain to offer in-house training to all members of the dental team: Dentists (at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels), Dental Hygienists and Dental Therapists, Dental Technicians and Dental Nurses. Increasingly, wherever possible, students are taught together as a dental team.

    All applicants for the admission to the MChD should be aware that the Leeds Dental Institute is changing its admissions process this year and anticipates that all interviews will take place in the week commencing 17 December 2012. Whilst it may be possible to change your date and/or time within this week this is not guaranteed, and, barring unforeseen circumstances, it is extremely unlikely that further dates outside the week will be used.

    From 2011, Leeds Dental Institute runs the Integrated Masters degree. Which typically involve 3 years of undergraduate study at Bachelors level preceding further study at Masters level. At the end of 5 years you will graduate with a BSc in Oral Science and an undergraduate masters degree, MChD in Dental Surgery.

Entry Requirements

    A-levels (A2)

    3 A-levels at grade A are required, including Biology and Chemistry. The third A-level may be any subject except General Studies or Critical Thinking.

    Those taking a 4th A2 subject will not be at an advantage over those taking 3.

    14-19 Advanced Diploma

    Grade A overall in any of the Diploma subjects, with minimum Grade A in A-Level Biology in the Additional Specialist Learning (ASL) element PLUS minimum Grade A in A-Level Chemistry.


    Normally, applicants for Dentistry should offer a minimum of 6 GCSEs, including English, Mathematics, and Chemistry and Biology (or Dual Science). The University of Leeds requires a minimum grade ‘C’ level pass in both English and Mathematics at GCSE or equivalent.

    Other qualifications accepted include but are not limited to:

    Scottish Highers / Advanced Highers:

    In lieu of GCSE, applicants should already have gained A/B grades in Highers in Chemistry, Biology, English and either Physics / Mathematics before application. Chemistry and Biology must be offered at Advanced Higher level and ‘A’ grades in these subjects are normally required. In addition to Chemistry and Biology, students should also offer either a third Advanced Higher subject (at grade ‘B’ minimum) or two further Higher level subjects at a minimum of grade ‘B’.

    Irish Highers (Leaving Certificate):

    Students require a minimum of AAAABB in Irish Highers (regardless of sub-score). Chemistry and Biology are compulsory and must be offered at grade A. English and Maths are also compulsory.

Course Structure

    Modules in Year 1:

  • Induction
  • Introduction to the Oral Environment
  • Clinical Practice 1
  • Health and Health Promotion
  • Oral Disease, Defence and Repair 1
  • Anxiety and Pain Management
  • Personal and Professional Development 1
  • Modules in Year 2:

  • Oral Disease, Defence and Repair 2
  • Clinical Skills A
  • Social Sciences Related to Dentistry
  • Introduction to Biomedical Sciences
  • Clinical Practice 2
  • Personal and Professional Development 2
  • Modules in Year 3:

  • Communication skills
  • Clinical Skills B
  • Clinical Practice 3
  • Undergraduate Projects
  • Personal and Professional Development 3
  • Child Centred Dentistry 1
  • Illness and wellbeing
  • Modules in Year 4:

  • Clinical Medical Sciences 1

  • Child-centred Dentistry 2
  • Complex Adult Dentistry
  • Clinical Practice 4
  • Personal and Professional Development 4
  • Modules in Year 5:

  • Mastication, Speech and Swallowing
  • Anxiety Management and Sedation
  • Personal and Professional Development 5 – Preparing for the World of Work
  • Clinical Practice 5
  • Clinical Medical Sciences 2
  • New Horizons in Dentistry
  • Final Year Project

Visiting the Dental School

Open Day available on the 13th October 2012. Places can be booked here.

Furhter Open Day enquiries can be directed to opendays@leeds.ac.uk.

All information taken from university website and liaison with admissions officer. Information correct at time of publication – 30/06/12.