21 July 2017
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Dental Foundation Training (DF1) for ALL UK Grads?

Dental Foundation Training (DF1) for ALL UK Grads?

COPDEND have released the ‘Applicant Guide’ for the 2014 National Recruitment process. We have been informed that there is an important change in the ‘Person Specification’ which means that there will possibly be dental foundation training (DF1) for all UK grads.

What was the problem?

Previously, DF1 was the only way that UK graduates would be included on the NHS Performers list, otherwise they would not be allowed to provide NHS treatment. Additionally, if a UK graduate did not complete DF1 within 18 months of graduating, they would not be allowed on the performers list at all!

Other applicants had other avenues to join the performers list, for example an ‘Assessment of Competencies’, aswell as DF1.

This raised competition for places unnecessarily and with limited DF1 places available, it became more difficult for UK graduates to secure a training post they were legally required to complete and that was the only way into NHS dentistry. Understandably, this lead to great upset that the money spent training UK dental students was going to waste.

What has changed?

Now, the ‘Eligibility’ for DF1 has changed such that UK graduates essentially get prioritised.

The ‘Applicant Guide’ reads like this:

  • “…priority will be given in the 2014 DFT national recruitment process to those applicants for whom DFT is the only route available to be included on the UKPL. For the avoidance of doubt, this scheme is also open to Scottish graduates.”
  • “In the 2014 DFT national recruitment process, applicants who can be included on the UKPL without completing DFT will only be considered for DFT Places if there are insufficient suitable applicants who have no alternative route for entry on the UKPL.”

This means that all UK grads will be placed first, before other applicants will be considered. Based on the previous two years of statistics, this suggests that there should be enough DF1 places for ALL UK graduates! Hurrah!

What do you think of this change? Is it right or wrong? Leave a comment below!