21 July 2017
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Review – Clinical Problem Solving in Dentistry

Review – Clinical Problem Solving in Dentistry

Clinical Problem Solving in Dentistry by Edward. W. Odell

Publisher: Churchill Livingstone; 3rd edition (25 Jan 2010)

ISBN: 0443067848

Price: £37.99 on Amazon (but BDA members can get this for less on Elsevier)

There is no such thing as a substitute for clinical experience, but this book is probably the closest you can get. Edward Odell’s Clinical Problem Solving in Dentistry has certainly cemented its place among the list of elite dental books.

The widely proclaimed ‘bible’ of undergraduate dentistry is thoughtfully designed to supplement a dental student’s clinical experience. There are 66 clinical ‘problems’ discussed with each typically 3-4 pages. The book invites you to actively participate in every scenario – it poses questions such as ‘What would you do next?’, and ‘What is your differential diagnosis?’ The book is a powerful learning tool – particularly if you try answering all of the questions as you go along and compare your thoughts to the model answers. In fact, it can actually be quite fun!

The best feature about this book is the consistency between every clinical problem discussed. Every problem follows the same, logical structure that simulates the approach you would be expected to take in clinical practice. Thus, it offers valuable preparation for finals exams and vivas, but is also useful for the graduate dentist in practice. Some of the problems discussed are: A lump in the neck; A missing incisor; A large carious lesion; and Bridge design, to name but a few. Within each problem, various related concepts are introduced and discussed as well as guidelines, anatomical considerations and histological slides where appropriate.

Key features include:

-          Fantastic clinical images and schematic diagrams

-          Detailed tables presenting very useful nuggets of information

-          Problems from all the major disciplines within Dentistry considered, including restorative and associated specialities; medicine within dentistry; oral surgery; special care dentistry; law and ethics; paediatrics and orthodontics.

-          Logical and well structured approach to every clinical case

Finding a flaw with this book is difficult, primarily because it is extremely well written and thought out; but also because it truly is in a league of its own with no other text of its kind to compare it to. The 3rd edition was published to update a lot of the regulations and guidelines that are now outdated in the last edition, e.g. endocarditis.  The series of clinical problem solving also includes one dedicated to orthodontics and paediatric dentistry by Millet and Welbury, which is in its 2nd edition and also enjoying success.

Clinical Problem Solving in Dentistry is a truly fantastic means of applying what you know and an essential adjunct to clinical experience. Whether the reader works through the book by sporadically reading problem by problem, or intensely powering through the tables and key points a week before finals – the reader has much to gain in terms of clinical approach and aptitude.

An outstanding textbook.

TeethGeek rating: 5 Gold Crowns

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