21 August 2017
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Welcome to TeethGeek

Welcome to TeethGeek

Welcome to TeethGeek.com!

TeethGeek is the online community of Dental students in the U.K.

Dental students graduating from Manchester will enjoy a different learning experience from students of Glasgow, or Bristol Dental Schools. Some dental schools facilitate a greater hands-on learning of minor oral surgery, for example, whereas others allow their students to spend more time in the skills labs. All Dental students will graduate as competent Dentists, regardless of where they obtained their qualification – but their strengths and weaknesses will vary according to where they graduated from.

TeethGeek is a community of Dental students to share our learning experiences so that we can make the most out of years at Dental school. We are also active in the social and political sides of undergraduate Dentistry in the UK.

The idea was born and developed in 2012 by students of Sheffield School of Clinical Dentistry. The concept of TeethGeek is ‘for Dental students, by Dental students’. Be sure to get involved in our discussions on the Forum and check the latest that’s happening in the world of Dental students.

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We also aim to help prospective students with admission in to Dental school. We appreciate that getting in to dental school is now harder than ever. We have collected all the information a prospective student needs and repackaged it with tips, advice and the (often overlooked) numbers. There is also a Forum for prospective students to ask questions and get involved in discussions.

Stay tuned for articles about career options, news about upcoming Dental events for students, updates on the controversies of Dental Foundation training, and learning materials to get you through exams.

Any thoughts? Comments? Please get in touch – we’re all ears.