21 July 2017
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8 Most Annoying Things About Dental School

8 Most Annoying Things About Dental School


1. When your Tutor changes the treatment plan

There is NOTHING more frustrating than when you have booked a full session with a patient to do that crown prep you desperately need for your totals, but your tutor disagrees with the treatment plan and you end up applying fluoride instead!

2. Learning about the anatomy of the Eye

Or about urinary tract infections or neuroanatomy. I often think about my patient’s tidal volume when I’m trying to get the gingivae to stop bleeding all over my crown prep….NOT.

3. 50 is the new 80

We’re smart kids. Whether we realise it or not, we have been jumping hurdles since a very young age to be where we are today. We are the cream of the crop – some of the brightest minds in the country. We are the A* generation. Then, when we enter dental school and get a 55% on our exams…we’re over the moon! We passed! We actually passed! Somehow, 50% has become the new 80%.

4. Everything is. Very. Very painfully. Slow.

‘OK Mr. Smith, I’ve removed all the decay from your tooth, luckily there wasn’t very much. I’m just going to get it checked by my tutor and we’ll get that filled for you’. Cue awkward conversation for 2 HOURS whilst your tutor has a giggle with another member of staff.

5. Patients FTA/DNA rate

It is accepted that for undergraduate dental students, 1 in 3 of our patients will cancel or just not attend. It can be very distressing and heartbreaking when your totals rely on it. On top of all this, your tutor thinks it’s somehow your fault that the patient did not attend!

6. Lack of nurses

There are never enough nurses. We become masters of 2 handed dentistry. The clever ones among us make the patient aspirate for themselves while you’re left to carefully syringe the hypochlorite in to the canals. Of course, there are those annoying students that always hog the nurses – you know who you are!

7. School nights

What, everyone’s going out? Oh, you’ve got 6 hours a week contact time? Nah, I’ll stay in tonight, gotta get up in the morning for that full-time job that I’m paying for…

8. Being your own Receptionist

So, not only do we have to be our own nurses and technicians, we also have to be our own receptionists. This can lead to patients names and hospital numbers coming out of our ears. Hey, maybe the patient cancellations and FTAs are our fault after all!